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MISSION STATEMENT: We, the Houston Dominican Sisters, publicly commit ourselves to study and address the crucial justice issues of our times.  We assume the risks in inherent in preaching and teaching the Gospel.  We will work to transform social structures which oppress the powerless, ministering with them in our common struggle to remain faithful to the Word of God.  (1991)


Thank you for considering a gift to the Dominican Sisters of Houston!  A gift to our Partners in Mission Annual Fund Campaign supports our active ministries in teaching and school administration, social work, justice advocacy, and campus and parish ministry.  Annual Fund gifts also help care for our retired sisters who have lived their lives in service to others.  Gifts to our Guatemalan mission school help make certain that our impoverished students receive a good Catholic education.  We are so grateful to our wonderful donors who give annually. Every gift makes a difference and ensures the success of our mission.  Thank you for supporting the Dominican Sisters of Houston.  May God bless you, heal you and fill you with light. 

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Dominican Sisters of Houston Convocation
Immigration Statement

The Dominican Sisters of Houston call on Congress to pass comprehensive immigration legislation. [More]

Earth Day Celebration

On Saturday evening, April 21, Dominican Sisters and friends gathered for Evening Prayer and a Labyrinth Walk to celebrate Earth Day.  We often lament what we continue to do Earth and the resources she provides for us. [More]


Approximately 50 people attended RACE: THE POWER OF ILLUSION on Saturday, April 14 and found the presentation to be very eye-opening and thought provoking.  The first episode dealt with genetics unpacked the mystery of DNA that shows there are is only one race.  The other episodes were more unsettling as they uncovered the roots of the race concept that allowed for the justification of American social inequalities. Cherry Steinwender reminded us that we all have racial biases because of social conditioning “whether it was around the kitchen table, our faith communities and institutions that teaches us who supposedly is superior and who supposedly is inferior."  Conditioning and biases continue to play a role in our society and reveal how resources, power, status and wealth are disproportionately given to white people.This  was a PBS series and can be found at RACE-The Power of an Illusion | PBS



Texas Pax Christi Conference
Waging Peace

The Dominican Sisters of Houston hosted the annual Pax Christi Texas Conference on March 24. [More]

LCWR Statement
TPS for Salvadorans

The Dominican Sisters of Houston join the Leadership Conference of Women Religious in strongly denouncing the cruel decision by the Trump administration to terminate Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for more than 200,000 Salvadorans. [More]

Dominican Month for Peace
Fourth Sunday of Advent

Fourth Sunday of Advent 2017
Our order has dedicated each December as the Dominican Month for Peace. [More]


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