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Journey to the Heart
Falling in Love with Earth

On Saturday, April 8, 30 people gathered at the Dominican Spirituality Center to “Journey to the Heart” a retreat day presented by the Dominican Alliance Ecojustice Committee presented “Journey to the Heart: Falling in Love with Earth”
Based on the premise that we will not save what we do not love, and that we do not love what we do not know, this multi-faceted presentation began with opening prayer and meditation, followed by introductions.  Here the participants were asked to introduce themselves by describing the landscapes of their lives that have special meaning for them. It was then time to lament how our actions impact Earth and move to healing followed by a reflection on the Universe is God’s Body.  As we broke for lunch, we were invited to spend some time with nature listening to what is being said to us by the elements.  When we gathered after lunch we took time to contemplate what we heard.  How was “Earth expressing Earth to us”?  After sharing at our tables and in the large group, it was time for tea.  Tea was served in a contemplative setting so that we could engage our senses. We were invited to pick up the homemade tea bags fill with homegrown mint, to feel the crunch, to smell the mint, then as water was poured into the cups to listen to the sizzle as the hot water interacted with the mint, and to savor the taste.  Continuing in the contemplative spirit, we were asked to write a love letter to Earth. As our time, together was ending, we were commissioned to go forth energized and challenged to let the gifts of the day extend into the future.  We ended with a final blessing song, “Deep Peace”. 
“Let us sing as we go.  May our struggles and our concern for this planet never take away the joy of our hope.” Pope Francis Laudato Si

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