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Cracking the Codes the System of Racial Inequity
Workshop Exploring Racism

November 17, we hosted a viewing and discussion of the documentary Cracking the Code, a film produced by World Trust. The film examines racism and white privilege in the context of history, culture, and identity, and explains that, fueled by power and economics, racism plays out both internally within each of us and externally in our relationships, institutions (institutional racism) and policies (structural racism).

In the film, people from different racial and cultural backgrounds tell their moving experiences of racism and white privilege growing up and living in our country. The filmmakers highlight how all people, whether consciously or unconsciously, are socialized about and deeply affected by racism and privilege.

At intervals throughout the film, we paused for reflection and table discussion. Participants discussed how to bring the film and the conversation to a wider audience and to people in their lives. Until we are willing to have conversations around race and white privilege, we will continue to perpetuate a system of inequities.

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