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Sister Eleanor Cresap, O.P.

Sister Eleanor Cresap, O.P.

Sister Eleanor was born in Houston where she lived with her parents and three younger sisters and extended family. As a child she attended Christ the King Catholic School and went on to attend St. Agnes Academy for high school. Sister Eleanor has great memories of her house on Merrill Street and of her family and the kid friendly neighborhood she grew up in.

“When I was in the eighth grade I had a realization that I was interested in being a Dominican Sister because I liked being with them.” They had taught her all through her childhood at both schools. “After graduation at my parents’ request, I did agree to wait a year to enter, to see if I was still interested. After the year was finished, I moved from my childhood home on Merrill to the convent on Almeda Road.”  Sister Eleanor entered the convent in 1955.

For the first five years Sister Eleanor taught elementary grades at Sacred Heart Catholic School in Galveston, then at St. Elizabeth Catholic School in Port Neches. After that she went to Whittier, California and taught at St. Gregory Catholic School for five years. She returned to Texas and was assigned to Christ the King Catholic School where she had attended school as a child. She served there as principal for eight years. She was grateful to be close to her family again.

Sister Eleanor spent 35 years of her life in schools, both private and public, as both teacher and administrator. She left the schools and started working in the business office of one of the Dominican high schools as well as tutoring math at community college. She took theology classes at St. Mary’sSeminary.

One position Sister Eleanor really enjoyed was serving as the office manager with the Jesuit Volunteers. “During my twelve years with the JVC my position expanded at various times to include different program positions. This was an enriching experience for me. I worked with and met many wonderful young people. I also had the opportunity to learn and practice new skills such as bookkeeping, organizing events, mailings, and evaluating applicants for the program.”

Sister Eleanor now serves as the Administrator of St. Dominic Villa. “It is a good experience. I enjoy reconnecting with some of my former teachers and interacting with some of the Sisters I had not had an opportunity to know well.”

“I do not have plans for the future. When it is time to make a change, I will consider the options. Hopefully my plans will include time to enjoy nature and spend time reading.”

From notes submitted by Sister Eleanor Cresap, O.P.  2014.