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Sister Adrian Dover, O.P.

Sister Adrian Dover, O.P.
Barbara Lea Dover

Sister Adrian Dover was born in Galveston, Texas where she lived with her parents Wesley and Edeline Dover and her three siblings. Her father worked for Monsanto in Texas City as a chemical engineer and her mother was a seamstress when the children were small, then worked as a registered nurse when they were all in school. Sister Adrian attended St. Patrick’s Catholic School and St. Mary’s Catholic School during her elementary years. She graduated from Dominican High School in 1956.

After graduation Sister Adrian planned on attending nursing school on scholarship. During her senior year however, Sister Adrian Flaherty died. Sister Adrian Flaherty taught her at St. Mary’s and had made an impression on her. It was then that Sister Adrian decided she would like to join the Dominican Sisters. She entered the convent in 1956.

Over the past 58 years Sister Adrian has worked in many ministries. She spent 22 years serving in schools as teacher and as principal. “I loved being a principal. I always took the cafeteria duty so I could know all of the children’s names.” These children she got to know were at schools including Assumption Catholic School and St. Mary Catholic School in Houston, Texas, St. Patrick Catholic School in Lufkin, Texas, Holy Rosary Catholic School in San Bernardino, California, and St. Anne Catholic School in Beaumont, Texas.

In 1980 she left the classroom and served as the Administrator of Newman Hall in Austin and later as Vocation Formation Director for the Dominican community in Houston. Sister Adrian spent time serving as Campus Minister at Lamar in Beaumont, Retreat Director at Holy Family Retreat Center and Vocation Director for the Diocese of Beaumont. In 1992, she returned to Houston to serve the Community as Vocation-Formation Director.

In 1998 Sister Adrian was elected to the Dominican Sisters’ Council where she served for twelve years. In 2008-2010 she served as Prioress. “I have enjoyed all of my ministries. I cry when I go and I cry when I leave. I have loved every place I have been and have been able to sink my roots in everywhere I have gone.”

In 2016 Sister Adrian will celebrate her 60th year as a Dominican Sister. “Being a Dominican Sister means ministering to people. It means good friends, lots of children and lots of support. It’s gone really fast. It’s been a great ride and I wouldn’t trade a bit of it.”

Sister Adrian keeps herself busy as she waits for her 60th celebration. She continues to serve the Dominican communityby coordinating hospitality at the Spirituality Center and preparing the liturgies for the community. She assists the advancement office and vocation ministry. Sister Adrian is also very involved in the Dominican Family formation. 

“I have always felt appreciated in whatever I have done. We have such a gift of community and in this community people see gifts in you, you cannot even see in yourself. It is beautiful.”

Interview with Sister Adrian Dover, O.P. on January 8, 2014.  Updated March 20, 2017.