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Sister Julie Greig, O.P.

Sister Julie Greig, O.P.

Sister Julie was born to John and Claudia Greig in Port Arthur, Texas. Her father worked as a CPA for Gulf Oil and her mother was a teacher before the children were born, then stayed home with them. Sister Julie attended St. Mary’s Catholic School for grade school and Bishop Byrne High School. She spent her childhood taught by Dominican Sisters who influenced her. In 1958, Sister Julie entered the convent.

Sister Julie taught at St. Mary Catholic School in Houston; Sacred Heart Catholic School in Galveston; St. John Catholic School in Rubidoux, California; and St. Peter of the Apostle Catholic School in Houston. She enjoyed teaching the first grade the most. “The children were so free and innocent, so eager to learn. They came in September and didn’t know how to read or write and left at the end of the year having learned so much.”

In 1970 Sister Julie went back to Sacred Heart Catholic School in Galveston and served as Principal for six years. She also served as Principal at Central Catholic School in Port Arthur for eight years. “Being principal was nice. I enjoyed interacting with the parents and teachers.”

Sister Julie holds degrees from Dominican College, the University of San Francisco and the Aquinas Institute in St. Louis. She also received her certification in Clinical Pastoral Education.

In the 1980’s Sister Julie became the Vocation Formation Director for the Dominican Sisters. She served in this position for six years. During this time she began working part-time at Ben Taub as a chaplain. “I enjoyed hospital work. Each day was a new and different experience.”

She enjoyed the work so much that in 2000, Sister Julie became a full time chaplain at Ben Taub. She spent her time meeting people, visiting and providing comfort to those who were sick or needed medical care. The position as chaplain was very rewarding to her. “The patients and families just appreciated being listened to. Many times I didn’t know who had been ministered to the most…me or them.”

In 2010 she was called to serve on the Dominican Council as Liaison. She did this work for 6 years. She served on the Board of Directors of St. Catherine’s Montessori from 2010-2016. She currently serves as a board member of the Shalom Center and is very active in the formation of the Dominican Family.

Being a Dominican defines Sister Julie. “I feel very supported by the community. To be a Houston Dominican is one of the things I am most proud of in my life. This is a family and support system and I will always have these Dominicans with me no matter what.”

Interview with Sister Julie Greig, O.P. on May 22, 2014. Updated March 20, 2017.