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Sister Jane Abell, O.P.

Sister Jane Abell, O.P.
Sister James Marie Abell, O.P. (RIP + 4/20/2019)

Sister Jane Abell was born to James and Marie Abell. The family lived in Houston, Texas for most of her young life, moving to Shreveport, Louisiana in 1946.

While in Houston, Sister Jane attended St. Agnes Academy and graduated in 1948 from St. Vincent’s High School in Shreveport. After graduating she worked as a secretary for three years before entering the convent. “I had been thinking about it off and on as I grew up and in 1950 I entered.”

Sister Jane taught math and religion at St. Agnes Academy and at Francis De Sales Catholic School in Whittier, California. During these years she took advantage of the summer breaks and attended the University of Texas earning a Masters Degree in Mathematics and then she went to Notre Dame receiving her Masters in Theology. “I enjoyed being a Dominican teacher.”

In 1961 Sister Jane was asked to serve as Formation Director for the community. In this capacity she working with the new postulants and novices, and instead of high school students, she was guiding the new women who had joined the order. After seven years, she moved to the University of Houston, servingin Campus Ministry and in 1978 she was elected Prioress. She served as Prioress until 1986.

After her term as Prioress concluded she was asked to serve as Justice Promoter Sister Jane worked with immigrants coming to the US and leaders in the community who were fighting against human trafficking. “I really enjoyed working with others in the community who were working together for a common goal.”

When asked which ministry she liked the best she stated, “I liked teaching when I was teaching and then when I moved to Justice Promoter I really enjoyed that as well. I really have enjoyed everything I have done.”

Sister Jane currently lives at the Villa. She enjoys reading and keeping up with current events.

Interview with Sister Jane Abell, O.P. on May 6, 2014.