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Sister Carletta LaCour, O.P.

Sister Carletta LaCour, O.P.
Carolyn Patricia LaCour

Sister Carletta was born in Beaumont, Texas. She lived there with her parents and four sisters and attended St. Anne Catholic School and St. Anthony High School. Sister Carletta has fond memories of her childhood, recalling that her mother would dress her and her sister, Sister Thomas Ann LaCour, alike when they were little.

After graduation Sister Carletta worked for Coburn Plumbing Supply for a year and in September of 1958 she entered the convent. Sister Carletta had wanted to be a sister since she was ten years old. She has fond memories of the sisters dressing her up in their habits for a play. “I just wanted to do something important with my life.”

Sister Carletta received a Bachelors of Education from Dominican College and has taught for over 30 years. Her assignments include St. Mary’s Catholic School in Galveston, Texas, St. Peter of the Apostle Catholic School in Houston, Texas, and St. Austin Catholic School in Austin, Texas.  She was in the St. Austin community for ten years, three of which she served as principal.

In 1977 Sister Carletta worked as the assistant of Sister Edna Ann Hebert, O.P. at St. Mary’s Catholic School in Port Arthur, Texas. A few years later she became certified as a Montessori guide and began teaching her own class at St. Mary of the Purification in Houston, Texas. She served the community for five years as a Montessori guide and two as principal. She later went to Central Catholic School in Port Arthur, Texas. For nine years Sister Carletta taught in the Montessori classroom there.

In 1995 Sister Carletta took a sabbatical in Kingston, New York where she learned earn T’ai Chi Chih and became certified to teach the meditative exercise. After a year she came back to Texas and served at the Holy Family Retreat Center for five years in Beaumont, Texas. During this time she earned her Spiritual Direction certification from the Cenacle Retreat House in Houston, Texas.

In 2001 she was asked to organize the events for the meeting room in Houston. In addition to those duties she taught T’ai Chi Chih in several places. “I enjoyed my commitments teaching T’ai Chi Chih to adults and the children at St. Catherine’s Montessori School in Houston, Texas.” In 2012 Sister Carletta went to Rockport, Texas to teach at Sacred Heart Catholic School. The next year she moved to St. Mary’s Catholic School in Taylor, Texas. She has served this community for the past four years. 

In the summer of 2017 Sister Carletta will be moving back to Houston. She plans on continuing her practice of T'ai Chi Chin by teaching more classes in the area. She also enjoys walking and sailing.  

A few of the most memorable experiences for Sister Carletta have been the trips to the Holy Land and to the Lands of Dominic. “The Dominican Order is 800 years old and when I say I am a Dominican, 800 years of history role out of that one word.” She is proud to be a Dominican Sister and she draws strength from her membership. “People recognize what it is to be Dominican. They know what we say, what we do and what we stand for.”

From notes submitted by Sister CarlettaLaCour, O.P.  in June 2014.  Updated March 20, 2017.