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Sister Doloretta Bieter, O.P.

Sister Doloretta Bieter, O.P.
Marjorie Ellen Bieter ( RIP + 9/15/2015)

Sister Doloretta was born in Austin, Texas where she lived with her parents and three siblings. Sister Doloretta attended St. Mary’s Catholic school in Austin and then went on to attend the University of Texas where she graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Music and English. 

Once she graduated from University of Texas, she entered Sacred Heart Convent in 1952. “I knew that God wanted me to come.” She was inspired by the many Dominican Sisters who had taught her and by her own aunt, Sister Mary Paul Byrne. “Making the decision to join the Dominican Sisters was an easy one.”

Sister Doloretta taught for over 30 years. She spent some years teaching at St. Agnes Academy. She was one of the teachers who taught at St. Pius X High School when it first opened. She was there for eleven years and holds a special place in her heart for the St. Pius X community.

Sister Doloretta taught at Sacred Heart Catholic School in Austin and St. Francis de Sales Catholic School in California. “I really enjoyed teaching, especially eleventh grade English and music.”

In 1990 Sister Doloretta moved back to Houston and spentthe next twenty years visiting the sick in St. Francis de Sales parish. “I brought communion to those who were sick and I was able to be with them when they were near death.” Sister Doloretta felt a real connection to those she served and feels a great sense of fulfillment with this ministry. “I got to be with them when they needed someone. I got to know the families too.” Even in retirement she remains very connected to the St. Francis de Sales community, attending community events when possible.

Sister Doloretta has been a Dominican Sister for over 60 years. “God wanted me to be a Dominican Sister. I have been happy to do it.”

Interview with Sister Doloretta Bieter, O.P. on January 22, 2014.