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Sister Lucia Schexnayder, O.P.

Sister Lucia Schexnayder, O.P.
Patricia Schexnayder

Sister Lucia was born Patricia Schexnayder in Houston, Texas. “I was born the night before St. Patrick’s Day, thus my name. I’ve always celebrated both days, at least all of my adult life.” She was born 10 years after the youngest boy. Sister Lucia remembers growing up as if she were an only child due to the age difference. She attended Blessed Sacrament Catholic School and went on to graduate from St. Agnes Academy in 1951.

In September 1951 she entered the convent. “It was the Dominican Sisters who taught me at St. Agnes. Not only were they excellent teachers, but they were genuinely interested in us. They spent lots of time with us. I wanted to be like them.”

In 1953 Sister Lucia started teaching at Queen of Peace Catholic School in Houston. She went on to teach at Holy Rosary Catholic School in San Bernardino, California and at St. Mary’s Catholic School in Whittier, California. She was the founding principal at both St. Catherine Catholic School in Port Arthur, Texas from 1961-1965 and at St. Thomas More Catholic School in Houston from 1965-1975.

From 1975 to 1987 Sister Lucia ministered in various capacities on “the block” (the Motherhouse at Almeda and Holcombe). She served as Activities Coordinator at St. Dominic Retirement Home for four years. She also worked at St. Dominic Nursing Home. Sister Lucia was moving coordinator for the community when they moved from the motherhouse to the new buildings. She then served as the Administrator of St. Dominic Villa where the retired sisters live.

Since 1988 Sister Lucia has served as Social Services Director and minister to senior adults at St. Joseph’s parish in Houston, Texas. “I have many stories from many places. I have always been happy in my ministry, whether I was teaching children, helping senior citizens or serving the poor of all ages in social ministry. I feel fulfilled knowing that I am helping people. “I feel fulfilled knowing that I am helping people. I thank God that I have been able to do this as a Dominican Sister for over 60 years.”

From submitted notes from Sister Lucia Schexnayder, O.P. 2014.