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Sister Anna Marie Flusche, O.P.

Sister Anna Marie Flusche, O.P.
Sister Michelle Marie, O.P.

Sister Anna Marie grew up in Dallas, Texas with her parents and two siblings. She graduated from Ursuline Academy in Dallas and attended the University of Dallas for one year. In September,1963 Sister Anna Marie entered Sacred Heart Convent in Houston. “I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want to be a sister. And my parents encouraged me in that decision.”

For her first assignment, Sister Anna Marie went to St. Christopher Catholic School in Houston, Texas. She taught there for three years before becoming chair of the music department of St. Agnes Academy. She has also worked at St. Anne Catholic School in Houston.

Sister Anna Marie graduated from Dominican College in Houston with a bachelor’s degreein liturgical music in 1969. She received a master’s degree from North Texas State University (now The University of North Texas), and she was the first person to be awarded a doctorate in organ performance from Rice University in 1995. In addition, she spent a year of study and research in Toulouse, France.

For the past 43 years Sister Anna Marie has served as organist at St. Michael Catholic Church, St. Christopher Catholic Church and Hosanna Lutheran Church.

When Sister Anna Marie went to St. Agnes Academy in 1970, she found a pipe organ in need of restoration. The project turned into a lifelongpassion.“That’s how I got bitten by the organ-building bug.” Sister Anna Marie has written extensively on the subject of priests and religious who were organ builders. “I am interested in the contributions made by religious men and women to the arts, especially in the field of organ-building.”Her works include an article, “Willem Hermans: Organ-Builder of the Society of Jesus,” (The Organ Yearbook) and a presentation on the Cavaillé-Coll family of organ-builders, the first of whom was a Dominican lay brother. Her book, The Life and Legend of Gerbert of Aurillac: The Organbuilder Who Became Pope Sylvester II, was published in 2005. Her work brings together both aspects of their lives: the religious vocation and the call to be an artist. “In doing this research, my goal is to “unseparate” things that have been separated.”

Sister Anna Marie lives in Houston, Texas, where she continues to serve as the organist for Hosanna Lutheran Church. She enjoys researching, writing and editing and continues that work. Over the past few years she has writtena screenplay,The Preacher and the Dreamer, a story that recounts the foundation of the Dominican Order.

Interview with Sister Anna Marie Flusche, O.P.  August 2014.