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Sister Lauren Lindee, O.P.

Sister Lauren Lindee, O.P.
Marguerite Lindee

Sister Lauren Lindee was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Before settling in Houston, Sister Lauren lived in Beaumont with her parents and five siblings. While in Houston she attended St. Anne Catholic School and then went on to graduate from St. Agnes Academy.

In September 1959 Sister Lauren entered the convent. “In highschool I was inspired by the Dominican Sisters who taught us. The sisters educated us with a serenity that flowed from their commitment to Christ. They bonded as a community of women totally dedicated to their mission. After much prayer and reflection, I came to believe that God was calling me to join them in their way of life.” 

Sister Lauren has been dedicated to her mission. For over forty-two years she taught in a number of our Houston schools including St. Christopher’s Catholic School, St. Mary’s Catholic School, St. Catherine’s Montessori School, St. Anne’s Catholic School, Resurrection Catholic School, St. Pius X High School, St. Agnes Academy and Marian Christian High School. She also taught at St. Elizabeth Catholic School in Port Neches, Texas.

Sister Lauren has many fond memories of her time teaching. “One memory I have is of the skits and plays we performed. My students transformed themselves into a never-ending cast of characters. All it took was a red bandana here or a grey felt hat there for their creativity to blossom.”

In 2006 Sister Lauren became the Director of Religious Education at St. Genevieve Church in Thibodaux, Louisiana. She has been serving this community for the past eight years. “I hope to continue in this ministry as long as I am able. I will then return to Houston, trusting that God will call me to discipleship in ways that are new and surprising.”

When she is not serving at St. Genevieve Parish, she enjoys cake decorating, calligraphy, and creating concrete leaves by using natural elephant ear plants as molds. She continues to educate herself through biblical studies as well.

From submitted notes by Sister Lauren Lindee, O.P. 2014.