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Sister Raphael Bordages, O.P.

Sister Raphael Bordages, O.P.
Mary Rose Bordages

Sister Raphael Bordages was born in Beaumont, Texas. She lived with her parents Marie and DennieBordages and her twelve siblings. She attended St. Anthony High School from elementary through high school, graduating in 1939. Sister Raphael was very active in team sports when she was young, playing asketball and baseball. After graduation she spent a year attending Lamar University pursing a degree in Physical Education.

In 1940 Sister Raphael left Lamar University to enter the convent. “The Dominican Sisters had a great influence on our family. My parents had been involved with the Sisters since they were young. Our family was very close with Sister Raphael Burke and the community of St. Anthony’s was very tight knit. I admired them and followed their example by joining.”

Sister Raphael enjoyed 50 years of teaching. She has served at St. Mary of the Purification Catholic School and Sacred Heart Catholic School in Houston, Texas, St. Charles Catholic School in Nederland, Texas, Holy Family Catholic School in Wharton, Texas, St. Francis de Sales Catholic School in Riverside, California, St. Mary’s Catholic School in Orange, Texas, Sacred Heart Catholic School in Nacogdoches, Texas, St. Patrick Catholic School in Lufkin, Texas, and St. Anthony Cathedral Catholic School in Beaumont, Texas. Sister Raphael loved teaching the young children. “My favorite thing to do was to sing funny songs to them and they would respond. It was a wonderful way to have them all see how good the Lord is.”

Over the 50 years Sister Raphael spent teaching she was able to follow the example of the Sisters who influenced her, always believing it is important to give to others what you have. “They provided a wonderful foundation in education and in faith. They made it come alive. We were happy and we loved our faith.”

What Sister Raphael loves most about being a Dominican is the spirit. “We spread the Good News. It is about becoming familiar with God and seeing the joy of life. God is beauty. He has given us wonderful gifts and He loves us so much.”

Sister Raphael lives at St. Dominic Villa. She enjoys being outside in nature, knitting and writing. One of her collections of poems has been printed, “Reflections of a Little Nun.”

Interview with Sister Raphael Bordages, O.P. on May 7, 2014.