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On Saturday, February 29, Dominican Sisters and friends gathered to learn more about RACIAL WEALTH AND INCOME GAP.  Catherine Gillette from NETWORK reviewed 12 key Federal Policies that have been used, and in some instances continue, to contribute to U.S. the racial wealth income gap.  To help us understand the situation she had us engage in an activity.  With four people to a table she distributed 4 identity cards 2 black and 2 white.  As the policies were read players were given tokens depending on the color of his/her identity card.  The tokens consisted of money, land, and houses.  By the time the 12th policy was discussed, the income gap was clear.  The people with white identity cards whether a “poor” white or “rich” white, had more wealth than the people with black identity cards.  One of the participants was surprised by “how wide the gap is, even though I knew there is a gap.”   People also were surprised to learn that agricultural and domestic workers (who were mostly black in the 1930's) are not covered by the Social Security Act. To learn more about this program and other NETWORK programs go to


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