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Sister Clarice Sparkman, O.P.

Sister Clarice Sparkman, O.P.
Sister M. Clarice Sparkman, O.P. (RIP + 1/10/2016)

Sister Clarice was born in St. Augustine, Florida. Her family moved to Houston when she was in the second grade and she and her siblings attended Travis Elementary School. She went on to graduate from Reagan High School.

“In my senior year I decided to become a nun. I had been acquainted with the Sisters at Christ the King Catholic Church where my family attended and came to know them. In 1934 I entered the convent.”

Sister Clarice taught for 40 years. During this time she taught at St. Mary’s and St. Agnes in Houston. “I have taught all grades from first grade through high school. My favorite was high school because they were older and more mature and you could reason with them.” That reasoning skill was important, because what Sister Clarice loved to teach them was math, complicated math. “Mathematics is life fulfilling. You have it and use it all of your life. You are always learning.”

Sister Clarice has a realpassion for mathematics. For ten years Sister Clarice worked as a teaching assistant at the University of Texas in Austin. During that time she earned a PhD in Mathematics.  “It meant a lot to me to be working in the field of mathematics. It came alive for me and I really enjoyed teaching complicated math to the students in the program.”

Dominican life has been good to Sister Clarice. “It has been a very wholesome life.”

Sister Clarice currently resides at the Spring Branch Transitional Care Center, where she still gets fired up about mathematics. She continues to look for mathematical challenges in her everyday routine and continues to read and educate herself on the topic.

Interview with Sister Clarice Sparkman, O.P. on May 12, 2014.