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Sister Carol Mayes, O.P.

Sister Carol Mayes, O.P.
Sister John Magdalen Mayes, O.P.

Sister Carol was born in Houston, Texas. She is an only child and lived here in Houston her entire childhood. She attended Montrose Elementary and St. Agnes Academy in middle school and high school. Sister Carol entered the order after she graduated from St. Agnes Academy in 1956. “The sisters who taught me were happy, dedicated and inspiring.”

In 1958 Sister Carol was assigned to her first school, Christ the King Catholic School in Houston, Texas, were she taught the seventh grade. From 1961 to 1967 she taught middle school and high school at Queen of Peace Catholic School in Houston, Texas, St. Charles Catholic School in Nederland, Texas and at St. Pius X High Schhol in Houston, Texas. In 1967 she went on to St. Mary Catholic School in Orange, Texas, where she taught math and theology, as well as being Assistant Principal. From 1968 to 1976 she served as Principal at O’Connell Junior High and O’Connell High School in Galveston, Texas.

Sister Carol served as the Vocation and Formation Director for the community. She served in this capacity until 1981 until she began her Clinical Pastoral Education at Ben Taub Hospital. “My year as chaplain at Ben Taub was very formative. I saw how the poor trust, and in the midst of grief, pain and loss.”

After a year as chaplain she came back to do work in the community, serving on the Council from 1982-1986 and then being elected to serve as Prioress in 1986.  Between the years of 1993 and 2010, Sister Carol’s ministered at Guadalupe Social Services, she was Pastoral Associate at St. Cecilia’s Church in Houston and worked as the Dominican Family/Spirituality Center Coordinator.

Sister Carol served at Prioress for the Dominican Sisters from 2010-2016. “It was a privilege to serve the community as prioress and also to work with Dominicans all over.”

Currently Sister Carol is the coordinator of the Dominican Family and serves as the spiritual director at St. Cecilia Parish. "I especially love the parish work and working with the Dominican Family." Sister Carol also serves as the Formation Director for the Dominican community and on the Boards of Directory at St. Luke’s and Baylor, St. Dominic Village, and St. Agnes Academy. Sister Carol has also spent time serving on the Board of Directors at Angela House, St. Pius X High School and St. Catherine's Montessori School. 

In her spare time she enjoys reading, traveling and time with friends.

From notes submitted by Sister Carol Mayes, O.P. in 2014. Updated March 2017.