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Sister Fran Boddeker, O.P.

Sister Fran Boddeker, O.P.
Sister M. Julia Boddeker, O.P. (RIP + 6/18/2018)

Sister Fran Boddeker was born in Houston at St. Joseph’s Hospital. Her parents Alden and Julia raised five daughters in the city. Sister Fran attended St. Mary’s Catholic School through the eighth grade and went on to graduate from St. Agnes Academy. She joined the convent soon after graduation.


Sister Fran has taught at several schools over her years as a Dominican educator. She has served at St. Peter of the Apostle Catholic School, Assumption Catholic School, St. Christopher Catholic School, St. Augustine Catholic School, and St. Agnes Academy in Houston, Texas. Sister Fran went to Austin, Texas, where she was teacher and principal at St. Austin Catholic School and taught at Sacred Heart Catholic School. She taught at O’Connell Junior High School and Sacred Heart Catholic Schools in Galveston, Texas, was principal at St. Mary’sCatholic in Taylor, Texas.


She enjoyed teaching, especially those in middle school. “That is the best age to teach.” She has many fond memories of her teaching days. At St. Austin Catholic School she found herself serving as the eighth grade teacher and principal. “My office was right across the hall from my classroom. I had to go back and forth to answer the phone and one day I went across the hall to get the phone and when I returned to the classroom my desk was gone. The students had moved it. I just came back into class and gave an assignment. I didn’t even blink an eye, just went right on teaching. After a bit someone said, “This is no fun. Let’s go get her desk”. When they came in with the desk she thanked them and went back to the lesson. It was great because they say they couldn’t get the best of me, couldn’t rattle me. They turned out to be a great and memorable class.”


In addition to her 40 years in education Fran served as the Director of Newman Hall in Austin and on the Dominican Sisters’Leadership Team. Sister Fran spent the last 16 years of her active ministry serving as the Guatemala Mission Coordinator.


Sister Fran has a great connection with her Dominican Sisters and holds dear the openness and togetherness of her fellow Sisters. “It’s been good, good years. Real good years.”


Sister Fran is currently retired and lives at St. Dominic Village. 


Interview with Sister Fran Boddeker, O.P. on January 15, 2014.  Updated March 20, 2017.