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Sister Josephina Pitre, O.P.

Sister Josephina Pitre, O.P.
Dorothy Ann Pitre

Sister Josephina Pitre was born in Franklin, Louisiana. Her parents, Ollie V. BlanchettePitre and Joseph Pitre moved the family to Orange, Texas when she was just a baby. She attended St. Mary’s Catholic School for all twelve grades. 

“All the teachers were sisters.” She remembers thinking about becoming a nun in the second grade. She would think about it on and off for many years until the eighth grade. The thought of entering the convent came back when she was a senior in high school and it never left. She graduated high school and entered the convent in September 1954.

Sister Josephina’s first teaching position was teaching second grade at St. Mary Catholic School in Port Arthur where she was responsible for doing the children’s sacramental preparation. “It was a big responsibility. I will never forget it.” The next year she was asked to teach the first grade and loved it! She has fond memories of Sister Clarice who was principal during those years. She would help the teachers on Saturdays, giving them support they needed to develop as better teachers.

Sister Josephina taught at St. Christopher Catholic School, Christ the King Catholic School, and Queen of Peace Catholic School in Houston, Texas. She also taught in California and in LaMarque, Texas. Sister Josephina found herself back at St. Mary Catholic School in Orange, Texas in 1973. She was there for ten years. She enjoyed teaching the children of her former classmates. In 1983 she went to teach at St. Anthony Cathedral Catholic School in Beaumont where she taught until 2007. “The best part of teaching was teaching the first grade. I would get them when they were eager to learn. I enjoyed teaching them religion, art and their phonograms.”

In 2007 she retired from teaching and worked in the library and office at St. Anthony’s. During this time Sister Josephina cared for her mother and spent time with her family. “I had the great honor of taking care of my mother until she died.

Sister Josephina spends her time now painting. She plans to finish details on several paintings. She currently lives with her Dominican Sisters at the Villa. “Our community is knit together giving it a feeling of such togetherness.”

Interview with Sister Josephina Pitre, O.P. on November 25, 2013 .