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Sister Annette Dworsky, O.P.

Sister Annette Dworsky, O.P.
Marie Anne Dworsky

Sister Annette was born to Joseph and Hattie Jablonski Dworsky in Rosenberg, Texas. Her father worked as a bookkeeper and her mother was a nurse prior to her children being born. Sister Annette was the middle of three children. All attended Holy Rosary Catholic School and were taught by Dominican Sisters. After Sister Annette graduated from Lamar Consolidated High School in 1957, she went on to attend the University of St. Thomas in Houston. She graduated in 1961 with a BA in education and began teaching at a school in Spring Branch, Texas.

In September 1962, after one year of teaching in Spring Branch she joined the Houston Dominicans. “I had been thinking about being a Dominican Sister since the sixth grade when Sister Clare planted that seed. All through high school and college, however, I would say, ‘Okay, but not now.’”

Sister Annette has taught in thirteen different schools. She has served Sacred Heart Catholic School in Houston; Holy Family Catholic School in Wharton; and St. Anthony Cathedral Basilica in Beaumont. After her final profession in the summer of 1969 she spent the next several years teaching around Texas and in California. The schools include Little Flower Catholic School in Port Acres, St. Christopher Catholic School, Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic School, Resurrection Catholic School, Seton Junior High and St. Pius X High School all in Houston, Texas. She taught at St. Joseph Catholic School in Port Arthur, St. Austin Catholic School in Austin, and St. Francis de Sales Catholic School in Riverside, California. “I really enjoyed my time at St. Austin and St. Pius X. The faculty community was a real community, so unified. You knew you were working together.”

In the summer of 1986 Sister Annette went back to the University of St. Thomas and earned a Masters in Religious Education, graduating in 1991. On sabbatical in 1996-1997 she enrolled in the Spiritual Direction Institute at the Cenacle and was certified in 2000.

After a sabbatical, Sister Annette went back to the classroom in 1997 where she taught at her childhood grade school, Holy Rosary Catholic School in Rosenberg. She taught there for ten years. “I taught everything from second grade to twelfth grade. My favorite gradelevel was junior high; my greatest challenge was second grade!” She has great respect for primary teachers.

In 2007 the council asked her to be the Pastoral Coordinator at St. Dominic Villa. She has enjoyed her ministry there scheduling Mass and being with the retired sisters for prayer and community meetings. She visits sisters at St. Dominic Nursing Home as well.

One of the blessing for which she is most grateful in being a Dominican is in the area of Catholic Social Justice teaching. The community is attentive to the Church’s call to be a voice for the poor and oppressed. A turning point in her life was when the community declared Sanctuary for the refugees from El Salvador. “That public proclamation made a statement that we would stand for what we believed regardless of the consequences. It was at that moment that I realized that this is what it meant to be a Christian. I felt so proud to be a Dominican.”

Sister Annette currently serves as Pastoral Coordinator at St. Dominic Villa. She ministers part time at the Shalom Center as well as visits St. Catherine’s Montessori School weekly to meditate with the children. “It is a delight! I look forward to being with the students.”

Interview with Sister Annette Dworsky, O.P. on May 12, 2014.  Updated March 20, 2017.