We are truly blessed to have such generous and loyal support from so many donors.  Thank you for valuing the mission and ministry of the Dominican Sisters of Houston and for allowing us to carry out our work for the people of God.  May God bless you, heal you, and fill you with light.  Thank you!

Annual Fund

Your gift to our Partners in Mission Annual Fund furthers our mission by having a real and tangible impact on our ministries. Annual fund gifts allow us to further our justice ministry by collaborating with others to alleviate the harm done by human trafficking, racial injustice, the death penalty, and the unjust treatment of workers, immigrants, and the environment. Gifts also support our mission school, San Vicente de Paul Bethania, located in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Guatemala City. The annual fund is the primary means of charitable support for the congregation.

Planned Giving

The Dominican Sisters of Houston’s legacy in Catholic education and services is deep rooted, and we continue today to serve and to preach the Gospel. When you name the Dominican Sisters of Houston as a beneficiary of your will, life insurance policy, trust, or retirement plan, you help ensure the future of our mission. If support of our mission is part of your legacy giving in your will or estate plans, please let us know. We would love to thank you for your generous commitment. If you are considering remembering the sisters as part of your estate planning, please contact Laura Henderson at 713-440-3707 or at lhenderson@domhou.org.

Honors and Memorials

A donor may make a gift in memory of or in honor of someone. An acknowledgement card will be sent to the person being honored or to the family or person you request be informed for a memorial. Please provide the following information:

  • Name of the person you are recognizing
  • Type of recognition (honor or memorial)
  • Name and address of person to receive acknowledgement of the honor/memorial (the amount of the gift is not disclosed)

Acknowledgement of your gift to the Dominican Sisters of Houston will be sent to you as well.

Guatemala Mission School

Since 1984, the Dominican Sisters of Houston have sponsored San Vicente de Paul Bethania School in Guatemala City. The school is in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Guatemala City, but against tremendous odds, the children at our school continue to succeed.  Gifts help ensure every child at our school will have breakfast in the morning, medical attention when needed, and the opportunity to stay in school and end the cycle of poverty into which they were born. We rely on the generosity of others to help ensure that San Vicente will continue to educate these precious children to better their lives and those of their family.  The cost of educating a child at the school is about $31 per month or $375 a year. Please consider sponsoring a child’s education or giving a gift in any amount you choose to ensure our school’s success.

Ways to Give

Donate Online: Click here to make an online donation.
Checks should be made payable to Dominican Sisters of Houston and mailed to the following address:
Director of Advancement
Dominican Sisters of Houston
6501 Almeda Road
Houston, TX 77021-2095